Full-Day, In-School Program

Welcome to OC Catholic Schools! Our schools are preparing to welcome all students to our campuses in the Fall!  Most of our schools will be offering daily, full-time, on-campus instruction with robust sanitization, cleaning, and health protocols based on CDC, State, and Local health agencies.

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Faith centered and nurturing environment

In an increasingly secular and strained world, private Catholic schools provide a safe and secure education environment with faith and family at its core.

  • Parents can be confident that in our Catholic schools their children are taught to love and respect their classmates, teachers, and parents.
  • Catholic schools offer a safe place for children away from the pressures, confusion, and increasing enmity of our secular world.
  • Our students are instilled with profound faith, deep humility, and inspiring integrity that they will carry with them.

Unmatched Academic Excellence

As a result of focused learning and integrated support for each student, private Catholic school students academically outpace their public school counterparts.

  • 99% of Catholic School students graduate high school as opposed to 78.2% in public school. (Notre Dame)
  • 85.7% of 12th grade Catholic school students attend a 4 year university as opposed to 39.5% in public school (Notre Dame)
  • Catholic School students surpassed public school students by an average of 4.5% in math, 4.8% in science, and 12.5% in reading in the three grade levels of the National Assessment of Educational Progress test of the federal government. (National Catholic Educational Association)

Empowering the Family

As Catholic educators we understand that the learning and formation environment outside the classroom directly affect academic performance.


  • A guiding philosophy of private Catholic education is that parents are primary educators of their children. We work collaboratively with parents in supporting their children’s education and ensure all aspects of our students lives are aligned for academic growth and individual success.
  • Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s education – participating in school life and to be present in the classroom.
  • Private Catholic education is about developing a supportive family around each child and walking with them through all aspects of their development.

Focused Instruction

Our small class sizes enable “differentiated instruction” – teachers work to meet the individual needs of our students and implement learning approaches tailored to support their academic level.

Whether a student is ready for highly advanced math, or needs special instruction to address learning challenges – each child gets the individual attention and support they need to reach their full potential.

Seamless Integration of Academic Technologies

Private Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orange lead the nation in utilizing an integrated network of technologies that support and extend student learning.

  • Our schools were the first in Southern California to have a 1-to-1 technology program, which equips each student with an iPad or Chromebook.
  • All Catholic School students have real-time access to thousands of academic texts on their laptop or iPad through our innovative digital library.
  • Many of our schools have STEM centers that enable students to see and touch the results of their academic work by utilizing AutoCAD software and 3D printers’ onsite.
  • This robust and integrated technology platform enables customized learning for the individual student as well as preparing them for their academic futures.

Full offerings in the arts and athletics

Developing young minds involves more than academic instruction, their inherent curiosity is also fostered through art and athletics.

  • Beyond truly excellent education in core academic areas, private Catholic schools have a full offering in the arts – visual, performance, and music. Each school has a full spectrum of education and development in the arts. Several schools feature full orchestra, dance, band, and many other highly specialized programs.
  • Athletics are an important focus for Catholic schools and many of our competitive individual and group sports programs are among the best in the nation.
  • The Parochial School Athletic League enables students to compete within the private Catholic Schools system where sportsmanship, respect and hard work are nurtured.