Our Mission & Vision

Diocese of Orange Catholic Schools: Schools that Make a Difference, Schools that Produce Results

The Department of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Orange serves the mission of building the church of tomorrow by supporting schools that provide students with the best Catholic faith formation and the skills and knowledge to live lives of goodness, service, and success.  Our schools are forming the faithful future of the Catholic Church.  The department works to help these schools grow and flourish and to make Catholic school available to the largest number of Catholic families possible.


A Welcome Message from the Superintendent


Welcome to the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Orange! Whether you are looking for a school for your child or just learning more about our schools, we know that you will find what you need with us. The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Orange provide a unique education opportunity and experience, joining faith and moral formation to academic excellence in an environment of Christian love and respect. Our schools use the latest educational tools and instructional methodologies to prepare students for their futures while grounding them in the fundamentals of faith, love, and service to the world. The Diocese of Orange leads the nation’s Catholic schools in the availability and use of instructional technology and was recognized by the National Association of Catholic Schools for forward-looking leadership and programs. Our schools serve children from all parts of the county and from all backgrounds. Though our schools are tuition based, tuition assistance is available at all school sites as we work to lower of barriers of costs for our families. We encourage you to use this site to find schools in your area and then contact them for a tour to see what a Catholic school education can do for the life of your children.