Strategic Vision (Seven Keys)

7 Keys to Advancing Catholic School Success

Diocese of Orange Catholic Schools: Schools that Make a Difference, Schools that Produce Results

Building a successful Catholic school system takes careful consideration, forward-thinking and in-depth participation. The following 7 Keys are the strategic vision of the present and future of our diocese and has been the culmination of three years of consultation, planning, prayer and study with the clergy, principals, faculty, parents, students and diocesan school leaders from across the country.

1. Strong Catholic Identity

  • Provide high quality religious formation for Catholic school principalsand teachers
  • Integrate Catholic faith, morals and culture into all aspects of school life
  • Offer opportunities for the faith formation of school parents and families
  • Nurture and support those exploring religious vocations
  • Develop Pastors’ Council on Catholic Identity


2. Academic Excellence

  • Provide a robust, articulated, standards-based curriculum through all grades
  • Emphasize STEAM skills–Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math
  • Conduct systematic professional development for all teaching personnel
  • Implement uniform developmental teacher observation and evaluation instruments
  • Expand a comprehensive Early Childhood Program (pre-school, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten)
  • Continue school self-analysis and improvement through third-party accreditation WCEA & WASC


3. Technology Innovation

  • Provide individualized technology access in all school sites through the 1x1x2015 initiative
  • Employ a Diocesan Director of Educational Technology to coordinate programs
  • Develop and purchase first class, state-of-the-art technology based instruction and assessment materials
  • Share technological resources across all campuses
  • Teach responsible online student behavior through the iSafe program


4. Marketing & Enrollment Outreach

  • Employ a multi-layered communications outreach to share the good news of Orange County Catholic schools
  • Provide outreach to schools in need with marketing expertise and guidance
  • Use demographic and enrollment data for effective marketing
  • Support pastors and principals in Latino outreach initiatives
  • Partner with University of Notre Dame’s ACE program for school enrollment development

5. Financial Integrity

  • Provide Diocesan assistance and oversight of financial budgeting, management and reporting
  • Develop a fully-funded need-based financial aid source through the Diocesan Education Endowment and Pastoral Services Appeal
  • Standardize the financial aid application and distribution process across all elementary schools
  • Standardize use of automated tuition debit services
  • Conduct a yearly assessment of all school maintenance and upgrade needs to support long-term planning and funding


6. Forward Thinking Leadership

  • Recruit and develop the highest quality Catholic principals and administrators
  • Provide financial assistance for diocesan personnel completing Catholic educational leadership programs
  • Develop a two-year principal mentorship and development program
  • Implement a new, uniform principal evaluation instrument
  • Identify and support prospective school leaders


7. Innovative Governance Structures

  • Develop a Governance Assessment Committee to evaluate school sites to determine the most appropriate governance structure
  • Build alliances of challenged schools to increase stability and share resources
  • Explore nationwide data of new financial and governance models