The Excellence in Education Fund

Academic excellence is a hallmark of our Catholic Schools. Recent data reveals that 99% of Catholic School students graduate from high school, compared with 78% of students from other schools. Our teacher-to-student ratio is an impressive 13:1. In national math and science achievement tests at both the elementary and secondary levels, Catholic school students outscored their public school counterparts.

  • 82% of students score in the 75th percentile or higher in STAR Math scores
  • 92% score in the 75th percentile or higher in STAR Reading scores

The Catholic School climate, mission, and purpose positively impact student achievement and attendance. In Catholic schools, minority students and those from underprivileged backgrounds outperform their public school counterparts. This would not be possible without the generous contributions of our donors and friends to the Excellence in Education Fund who align their philanthropic support with these high academic goals.

Gifts to this fund are directed toward new textbooks, academic programming, professional development for teachers and other resources to excel in state and federal standards while embracing Catholic identity.


Please contact Debbie Loughran, Associate Superintendent Department of Catholic School Development, for more information and to personalize this gift with your family.

Deborah M. Loughran
Associate Superintendent
Catholic Schools Development
Diocese of Orange
13280 Chapman Ave | Garden Grove, CA 92840
D: (714)282-3126 | M: (714) 598-8779